Saturday, December 19, 2009

Get free runescape membership

Did you know that there is a way to get free runescape membership? The great thing is that this method is 100% legit so it requires no hacks, downloads, asking for passwords or any of that scam.

So how do you get free runescape membership? It's quite simple.

All you gotta do is sign up under this link :


Ok here is how this website works :

You get paid in points or money. The points you use can be redeemed for prizes (get free runescape membership) and the money can be redeemed so you can buy your rs membership.

So how do you get paid? Its quite simple really... All it requires you to do is to complete free surveys, offers, click on ads, sign up for websites etc.

get free runescape membership

So now you should have a page similar to this :

To start, click on the name of the offer and complete what it says in the description. In this case the offer name is - Social Gaming and the description says register for free + deposit at least $10.00 and play. However, there are many many many offers which are free! Enough to get you many points and cash.

Tips on how to complete these offers :

Make sure you have your cookies enabled

Enter valid information - so if you signed up under the name "Ken Davids," make sure that you enter that in every website that asks you to.

Don't try to cheat or use any proxies during the process

Follow the rules.

Make a new email when completing these offers cause most of them spam your Inbox.

Note : It takes up to days for the points / cash to appear on your account but usually it appears in under 20 minutes!